Course Descriptions

MA500 – Persuasion


This course covers the art and science of persuasion. The coursework will include a  review of related literature, a study in the fundamental principles of persuasion, an exploration of these principles in personal and professional communication, and examples of how to practically apply persuasion in a variety circumstances. Upon completing this course, students will be more adept at using persuasive communication to achieve their individual goals.

MA501 – Psychology of Communication


For this class, students are exposed to a variety of means to gain a deeper insight on various topics generally associated with the role and how communication impacts psychological issues, from research perspectives to popular media.

MA502 – Culture and Society


This course gives you the opportunity to explore the application of cultural theory to society and to analyze the accelerated changes that the world has been undergoing in the past century. The effects of technology and media on society will be reviewed and the student will have the opportunity to focus on the aspects relevant to his/her reality and professional context.

CCC502 – Cross-Cultural Communication


This course introduces all the fundamental approaches to allow international business people to deal with different cultures in a well adapted style.

CCC510 – Thesis


For this class students are expected to compose an academic-style thesis of 10,000 to 15,000 words. This will constitute an original contribution to the existing literature examining cross-cultural communication as shown through an extensive literature review and/or an examination of primary data gathered by the researcher.


CCC507 – Global Issues


At the completion of this course, the student will be able to recognize the various challenges today’s world is facing and develop some strategies on how these can be overcome in view of a sustainable development and thanks to new technologies and creative ideas.

CCC504 – Virtual Communication


This course is part of our MA in Cross-Cultural Communication. Its aim is to show students the various aspects and tools of virtual communication and how these have shaped the way we communicate in our “Modern Times”, specifically in the Business world. The course should also focus on the issues, challenges and obstacles raised by Virtual Communication (specifically in terms of Cross-Cultural diversity) and on the best practices to solve/face them.

CCC503 – Language Issues in Communication


For this class, students are exposed to a variety of means to gain a deeper insight on various topics generally associated with the impact and how communication impacts the workplace environment, from cultural diversity to communication skills. Language, literacy and numeracy skills equip people with the ability to communicate and problem solve in a variety of workplace and social settings. These skills are essential for work, learning, and life. They provide the foundation for learning all other skills and enable people to evolve with their jobs and adapt to change.

CCC501 – Communication and Human Relations


In this course you will cover some major theories and practice of human relations in business and personal situations. You will take self-assessments and learn best practices in Page 2 communication and human relations.

MFA511 – Producing 1 


In this course, students will view more than eleven films that are considered master works. Students will gain an understanding of the makings of culturally significant, emotionally resonant, and precisely executed stories in a cinematic form.

CCC505 – World Cultures


This course covers each continent in terms of culture, styles and business practices. It allows students to increase their awareness of differences and similarities withholding judgment and exploring with interest the global diversity.