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Marhilda Association’s goal is to support the educational goals of Horizons University and its partners. In doing so, it aims to:

• Promote higher education in the international context

• Give an opportunity to learn to those who have limited funds.

In supporting an institute focused at providing education both in campus and online, there cease to be barriers to education for students across the globe, enforcing cultural diversity and resulting in a whole new level of interaction between students.

Marhilda’s Financial Resources originate as gifts, dues, and enrollment fees from four distinct sources:

• Individuals

• Companies

• Alumni

• Horizons University Students


All scholarships are awarded based on need and merit. In order to be considered, proof of annual income below 4800€ per Annum will be required. Additionally, you will be required to submit evidence of grades and any other academic achievements made in your previous educational institute.

Preliminary requirements are as follows:

1. Tax declaration for self and family members (parents if living with them or wife/husband)

2. Evidence of highest grades in previous studies

3. Evidence of low income (in local proportions)

4. Rental contract with details on per month cost

The items listed above can be easily submitted on the "Apply" page of this site. Once submitted, your documents will be reviewed. You may then be asked to provide additional documents.

*Scholarship applications will not be reviewed until a complete program application has been submitted to admissions@huparis.eu.*

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