Honor Societies

SIGMA BETA DELTA International Honor Society for Business, Management and Administration

In 2011, Horizons University joined the Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society that recognizes top achieving students in the Business field around the world. To be eligible, students

must rank among the upper 20 % of their class and be offered membership by their faculty. The purpose is to promote and encourage constant motivation and improvement among our business and management students in the pursuit of excellence. The best students at Horizons University are therefore invited to join Sigma Beta Delta Honor Society where they can rely on their achievement to network with the industry and its professionals while leveraging the expertise of the Society’s chapters in the employment field. On July 9, 2011 Horizons University was proud to hand the Sigma Beta Delta Award to four students and one professor during the graduation ceremony held in Paris.


Sigma Beta Delta Home Page: http://www.sigmabetadelta.org/

HU membership:  http://sigmabetadelta.org/chapter-listing/