Year-by-Year Breakdown

The courses identified as core must be taken. Core courses are 7.5 ECTS/3US (with the exception of ESL504, which is 10ECTS). Choose any one 10ECTS/4US elective course, or two 5ECTS/2US elective courses from the list below.


Course Number Course Name Core or Elective?
Year 1
ESL501 General Linguistics Core
ESL502 Second Language Acquisition Core
ESL503 TESOL Methods and Principles Core
ESL504 Pedagogical English Grammar Core
ESL505 Pedagogical English Phonology Core
ESL506 Vocabulary Teaching and Learning Core
ESL507 TESOL Assessment Core
ESL508 Curriculum Development and Course Design Core
ESL509 Research Methods in TESOL Core
ESL510A (Capstone Option 1) TESOL Portfolio Core
ESL510B (Capstone Option 2) Thesis in TESOL/Applied Linguistics Core
ESL511 English for Specific Purposes Elective (5ECTS/2US)
ESL512 Computer Assisted Language Learning and Teaching Elective (5ECTS/2US)
MA501 Psychology of Communication Elective (10ECTS/4US)
CCC502 Cross-Cultural Communication Elective (10ECTS/4US)
CCC503 Language Issues in Communication Elective (10ECTS/4US)
MAE501 Multicultural Education Elective (10ECTS/4US)
MAE507 Adult Literacy Elective (10ECTS/4US)
MAE507 Child Development Elective (10ECTS/4US)