Year-by-Year Breakdown

Two core courses and two specialized courses must be taken each year. Which specialized courses are taken will depend on the specialization as the interests and goals of the student. All MBA students take four courses a year and complete an independent research thesis (MBA590) over the course of two years, under the supervision of graduate faculty.

Course Number Course Name
Core Courses
MBA501 Leadership of Contemporary Business Organizations
MBA530 Business Ethics
MBA503 Financial Resource Management
MBA504 Business Research Strategies
Specialized Courses (International Management)
MBA510 Managing the Multinational Corporation
MBA511 Political/Economic Environment of International Business
MBA512 Human Resource Management in MNCs
MBA513 Global Management Systems
MBA514 Cross-Cultural Communication
MBA515 International Marketing
MBA502 Global Integration Process



Advanced Organizational Behavior

Specialized Courses (International Marketing)
MBA520 Global Market Perspectives
MBA521 Marketing Management Process
MBA522 International Marketing Research Methods
MBA523 Marketing Strategy Development
MBA514 Cross-Cultural Communication
MBA525 Advertising
MBA527 Perceptual Psychology in Business (coming soon)