Course Descriptions


DBA658:  International Business Strategy (DBA in International Management Specialization)

(10ECTS/4US credits)

The International business strategy course is grounded on the fundamental principles of strategic management and focuses on strategy making in business corporations.  Emphasis is on corporate and business level strategic analysis, strategy formulation and implementation.  Strategic management emphasizes the determination and evaluation of environmental opportunities and threats in light of strengths and weaknesses in the organization’s value chain in order to enhance its core competencies and craft a sustainable competitive advantage.

DBA660:  Global Economy (DBA in International Management Specialization)

(10ECTS/4US credits)

This course examines the world’s economy from a global as well as various local perspectives. Globalization has increased the interdependence of the economies of nations around the world, but this interdependence does not imply all differences in economies have vanished. The Global economy is made up of many different actors, some international such as the World Bank, IMF, WTO and large multinational firms, others national such as national governments and some local. The course is designed to exam both the overall global economy and some of its individual components.

DBA650: International Business Communication (DBA in International Communication Specialization)

(10ECTS/4US credits)

The course is an exploration of the cultural, social, political, historical, religious, legal, and communication influences that impact international business negotiations, consultations, transactions, and conflicts. Emphases will be placed on major world business cultures, including those in Latin America, Asia/Pacific, Eastern and Western Europe, Africa and the Middle East. The aim is to develop skills in applied international business communication, which is essential for participation in an increasingly globalized business world.

DBA655: International Leadership (DBA in International Communication Specialization)

(10ECTS/4US credits)

In a fast-changing world, the ability to adapt and interact with diverse people around the world requires strong leadership skills. Leadership is a potential available to everyone and it can be developed with the right tools and techniques. The course aims at providing the background to develop the awareness of one’s ability and the tools and techniques to boost one’s leadership to have a positive impact in one’s environment in any geographic region and industry.

DBA670: Global Communication

(10ECTS/4US credits)

This course is part of our DBA in International Business. Its aim is to show students the various aspects of global communication and how it is influenced by history, language and culture. The course also focuses on the issues, challenges and obstacles raised by Global Communication, especially in the context of politics, journalism, science and business.

DBA673: Business Research Methodology                                               

(10ECTS/4US credits)

This course focuses on the development of research skills and the design of research used for business.  Students will be introduced to various research approaches and learn what strategies, methods, and techniques are in use.  Students will be expected to design a business research proposal, formulate basic and secondary research questions, develop a strategy for data collection, develop a literature review, create a model of the expected results or outcomes and finally to formulate ways to operationalize their study with stakeholder involvement.

DBA674:  Quantitative and Qualitative Methods

(10ECTS/4US credits)

An introduction to a range of quantitative and qualitative data collection and methods of data analysis. Students will learn about and be able to distinguish between quantitative, qualitative, and mixed-methods research.   Qualitative methods include including Action Research,  Appreciative Inquiry,  Focus Groups, Interviews and Narrative Data Analysis. Quantitative methods include Descriptive Research Designs, Experimental and Ex Post Facto Designs, and Descriptive  Statistics.

DBA799: Dissertation Proposal Writing

(10ECTS/4US credits)

This course focuses on the development of the Dissertation Proposal under the supervision of a Doctoral Faculty member. During the course students will be guided through the completion of the Dissertation Proposal, and by the end of it will have a Research Proposal that is to be submitted to Horizons University.

DBA800: Dissertation

(60ECTS/24US credits)

After completing this course, students will be able to:

  1. Formulate a thesis topic
  2. Evaluate resources to assist in developing thesis proposal
  3. Write a proposal for a thesis/dissertation
  4. Demonstrate ability to prepare and conduct an oral presentation on thesis proposal.


DBA659: International Human Resource Management

(10ECTS/4US credits)

This course allows students to exam human resource management from a global perspective as well as from various local perspectives. Increases in international business activities require firms to implement human resource management in a variety of different political, legal, economic, social and technological environments. Therefore a deep understanding of international human resource management is essential for international organizations for successfully motivating and managing the most important of all resources, human resources.

DBA661: Multicultural Management

(10ECTS/4US credits)

This course seeks to provide students with an understanding of effective cross-cultural management and the challenges that are likely to be faced while working internationally. The course focuses on international organizational behavior and human resource issues and practices in transnational organizations.

DBA671: Emerging International Markets

(10ECTS/4US credits)

The purpose of this course is to provide graduate students an opportunity to explore and evaluate the challenges and opportunities associated with developing strategies for international emerging markets.

DBA672: E-Commerce

(10ECTS/4US credits)

This course is part of our DBA in International Business. Its aim is to show students the various aspects of E-Commerce and how it influences the consumer behavior around the world. The course also focuses on the issues, challenges and obstacles raised by E-Commerce

MBA522: International Marketing

(10ECTS/4US credits)

This course addresses the student’s ability to conceptualize and apply effective methods of marketing research across cultures and borders. Special attention is directed to techniques of survey, interview, participant, and observational research strategies that are adapted to different international populations. Data gathering, analyzing, interpreting, and reporting are covered to empower students to deliver profitable and accurate recommendations to marketing developers and practitioners.

MBA523: Marketing Strategy Development

(10ECTS/4US credits)

A study of the analysis of the strategic process of researching and forecasting the external environment of the firm, assessing the present and future enterprise strengths and weaknesses, setting enterprise goals with recognition of personal and societal goals, and evaluating performance and progress toward those goals. Provides the student with an integrated view of the functional decisions and corporate strategy.