DBA in International Business Communication

Today, globalization is a way of life. The emergence of regional trade agreements, communication technology, and international mobility has paved the way for more opportunities than ever in such fields of international management, marketing, and finance. This phenomenal growth has also created a void for leaders with the skills to create solutions in an increasingly multicultural world where effective business communication is a must. Horizons University has the answer for meeting this need.

The DBA in International Business Communication at Horizons University is designed to help students realize their potential as experts in the field of global business communication. The program prepares future scholars and practitioners who can successfully interface the technical context of business with the complexities of an increasing diverse global environment. Through our core courses, students learn from world renowned scholars in a one-on-one active learning setting. Our elective courses allow students to become experts by developing their own applied research projects in close consultation with their mentors. Students can also increase their profiles by publishing in the Horizons University Journal of International Business Communication.

Duration 3 years
Credit Value 165ECTS
Admission Requirements Bachelor’s degree in Business or equivalent; Master’s degree in Business or equivalent; 3+ years working experience - Options available for those without business-focused degrees or work experience
Languages English (online) or French (on-campus)
Study Options Online or On-Campus
Tuition 3000€ yearly
Registration Fee 60€ yearly
Technology Fee 80€ yearly

The structure of a typical course will require students to read materials supplied by the university, study related materials, and perform personal research on selected topics. Confirmation of learning may be determined via papers, projects, quizzes or exams.

Career Prospects
The DBA in International Business Communication prepares students for leadership positions in global organizations, for careers as independent consultants, and skilled researchers in business-oriented activities.

The Horizons University DBA is accredited both by an American accrediting body – ACBSP – and an European accrediting body – ECBE. Both recognize Horizons University’s commitment to continuous improvement, and focus on student learning outcomes. The accreditation distinguishes Horizons University because of its top Faculty, who meet demanding standards, and are known for their teaching excellence. The accreditation is also a guarantee that students are learning skills that are valuable in the workplace.

What our doctorate students say about the Horizons University DBA program

“Very challenging and inspiring”

“Interactive and practical”

“This program will help me in my long term plan of setting up my own
consultancy, specialised in the field of Supply Chain Management”

“I chose this program because it will enhance my career development in
International Business, General Management, and Entrepreneurship”

“I choose this program because I aim to share my knowledge, and to teach at a high level”

“I chose the program because of its flexibility, and because it gives me
the opportunity to do research in my area of interest”