About the Program Director

The MA TESOL Program Director’s Bio

Olena Crawford holds a Master of Arts Degree in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages from the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kyiv, Ukraine (graduated with honors in 1992). She has extensive experience in EFL teaching to school-age children as well as adult learners in various international educational settings.  Having lived in South Africa, Singapore, and the USA, Ms. Crawford studied variations of world Englishes, giving her an extra edge in her TESOL pedagogy. Her multilingual background as a native speaker of Ukrainian and Russian, nearly native English speaker, and a learner of Belorussian and Spanish helps her deeply analyze foreign language acquisition process and apply her personal foreign language learning experience in her teaching.   After graduating from the university and teaching for 4 years in several language schools to Ukrainian and Russian speakers in Kyiv, Ukraine, she took a creative break from teaching and engaged in the profession of filmmaking. From 1995 till 2003, she lived in South Africa where she worked as a producer, film editor and writer on several wildlife television series and feature productions in Sub-Saharan Africa. While working in the film industry, she got passionate about technology and web design. When she returned to teaching English college courses and ESL after settling in the USA, Ms. Crawford embraced online teaching and has created and delivered several online and hybrid courses (including Writing and Inquiry, Technical Writing, Argument Based Research, Early British Literature courses for the Forsyth Technical Community College in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, and Technical Tutorial courses for the Horizons University in Paris, France). She’s been a passionate education professional that always tries to stay on top of the current research in the areas of applied linguistics, second language acquisition, and teaching methodologies. She is a member of International Association of TESOL, Carolina TESOL and AAAL. As an MA TESOL program director for Horizons University, Ms. Crawford is looking forward to sharing her passion for EFL teaching with her students.