Year-by-Year Breakdown

The courses identified as core must be taken. 4 electives must also be taken, plus the Memoir/Thesis. Each course is 10 ECTS/4 US.

Course Number Course Name Core or Elective?
Year 1
FR514 French Language (1) Core
FR515 French Language (2)) Core
FR502 French Composition Core
FR501 French Literature Core
FR503 French Language Elective
FR504 French Grammar Elective
FR505 French Business and Management Elective
FR506 French Theater Elective
FR507 French Cinema Elective
FR508 French Civilization and Culture Elective
FR509 French Translation Workshop Elective
FR511 French History Elective
FR512 French Modern Society Elective
FR513 French Politics Elective
FR510 Thesis Elective