Course Descriptions

MAE550 – Teaching Practicum


This course will prepare students in specialized teaching topics in international education. Grad students will take areas of interest into the classroom and teach to the topics covered in our various classes offered in the MAIED. Students will chose one specialization in which to take to a classroom as a volunteer teacher, course designer.

MAE501 – Multicultural Education


Multicultural Education is the focus of this student-centered online course. We will share our experiences while developing critical understanding of the philosophy, personal, professional and practical knowledge of multicultural education. Though readings specific to the study of education, we will collaboratively share in the synthesis and understanding of the topics chosen for this course. It is my hope that you will draw from your rich professional experiences to qualify your responses to readings, discussions, course projects and personal and group projects. Versus a lecture format, this course is student-centered where you will respond to discussions while growing and expanding ideas related to multicultural education. As we begin to learn more about the topic, we may find that a disagreement in personal philosophy may surface. However, we will make certain to be acceptable and respectable of all ideas presented in this course. As we learn to accept and respect concepts presented by the professor and students alike, we are in effect growing and learning to think multi-culturally. This orientation will benefit your teaching, coursework, and indirectly your perspective on your personal life and teaching/community experiences. Social justice is an ongoing process that we as educators, community service providers and students must integrate in order to implement change in our classrooms.

MAE502 – International Education


This course is a basic graduate introduction course to the role of culture in education. After exploring the theoretical basis of culture and its relationship to education, students will be exposed to a range of cross-cultural perspectives from Africa, Asia, United States and Latin America. To integrate the various unique components of education in each of the countries, students will engage in the study of the following global issues: environmental concerns, population distribution, human rights violations, socio-economic inequities, and conflicts and emergencies.

MAE503 – Pedagogy and Methodologies


This course will guide students in the MAIED in the understanding and application of new teaching methodologies and pedagogy that will assist them in becoming global administrators and/or teachers. Newest methods and pedagogy will be introduced in this course. Students will be asked to read and discuss issues related to critical thinking, constructivist theory, and many others. In addition, students will be asked to write sample lesson plans in which they will apply the newest methodologies in the field of education.

MAE504 – Technology in International Education


This course will guide you through the theory and application of Technology in International Education. The course will focus project-based learning and constructivist theory. We will discuss the value of global collaborative project work and how to integrate global projects and technology into your classroom keeping your own local and/or national educational standards in mind. Each week we will build on the previous week and help you develop a resource to use in your teaching while providing pedagogical resources and opportunities to discuss and share information and experiences in our online course community.

MAE505 – Curricula and Instruction in International Education


Course presentation: There are four general areas we will focus on in the development of curriculum in the K-14 educational system. Each of the curricular areas enhancesthe exposure to international education. International Advocacy, Building Bridges to Cultures, Teaching and Learning, and Study Abroad Opportunities. The following are guidelines to the four areas we will learn about and begin applying to our curricula. These categories have been established in the United States of America. However, they overlap with world cultures and languages that apply to our students at Horizons University who will be teaching in international settings. In this course, we will be brainstorming ideas on how to infuse international curricula into the teaching formats in your current or future schools. As your primary outcome for this course, you will create a POA (Plan of Action) for your campus for the integration of International Curricular exposure for the students. More specific information will be presented later in the course syllabus.

MAE506 – Special Projects


This course in the area of International Education will allow students to chose a specific area of expertise in their specialization area.
The course is research based, independent and will be graded as pass/fail. Graduate students will research and write a paper that will guide them in an area specific to the needs of their teaching career. Students will begin this course by visiting local schools at the level of interest, K-12, middle school, higher education, adult education and complete an in-depth research paper specific to that area of interest.



Students choose one of the following specializations:

  • Adult Literacy
  • Child Development
  • ESL
  • Project Management
  • Teaching and Learning Online
  • Instructional Design