Year-by-Year Breakdown

The courses identified as core must be taken in the year indicated (where applicable). Core courses are 10ECTS/4US. The specialization is worth 20ECTS.  Maximum 3 specializations allowed, two in addition to the one included in the program. Additional specializations are subject to extra fees. Please refer to the program brochure available under the Programs tab on this Internet site for details.

Course Number Course Name Core or Elective
Year 1
MAE550 Teaching Practicum Core
MAE501 Multicultural Education Core
MAE502 International Education Core
MAE503 Pedagogy and Methodology Core
MAE504 Technology in International Education Core
MAE505 Curricula and Instruction Core
MAE506 Special Projects Core
MAE507 Specializations
- Adult Literacy Specialization
- Child Development Specialization
- ESL Specialization
- Project Management Specialization
- Teaching and Learning online Specialization
- Instructional Design Specialization