Laurie Huffman


Laurie has taught 28 years in higher education, middle and elementary school and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish with two Masters Degrees in Education and Spanish. In addition, Laurie received certificates in the Teaching of English as a Second Language and Community College Instruction from UC Berkeley. Laurie recently completed her Ph.D. in Education/Teaching and Learning Online and has taught in extensively in Japan and Latin America. Laurie communicates with her students in English, Spanish and Japanese. Currently, she is teaching at the university level at the State College of Florida in Jacksonville and the California Community College system.. Laurie recently received two awards, Woman of the Year for Contra Costa County and Teacher of the Year for the California Community Colleges. Along with years of social activism and community service work for the Latino community in her county, Laurie has participated in accreditation visits for the Monterey Language Institute, Hawaii College, Napa College and in America Samoa. She is a team member of The Western Accreditation Commission. In her spare time she owns and operates an organic rain forest ranch on the Caribbean in Costa Rica and lives near the Yosemite Valley in California.