Horizons University Writing Center makes the perfection of your paper both accessible and affordable. We offer professional services, including track changes and notes on the student’s document so every edit is easily understood. Feel free to ask for more information from our Writing Center staff! We are happy to help with any type of question you may have relating to your documents. With several different payment options, the student is guaranteed a free quote/consultation, a fair price, and a detailed revision of their work. All final prices are unique to each student and paper, and will be addressed individually. The total costs will depend on what the student is looking for or what services they require.

Here at Horizons University, our aim is to help each student prosper professionally and intellectually. The service provided by the Writing Center is a way to inspire the student’s personal writing ability while giving them a safe platform to learn and improve their own skills. We encourage progress through this offered service and look forward to a hands-on approach helping you enhance your writing technique and ability. Thank you so much for your interest in our Writing Center Services!

We can’t wait to start reading your work!

For all questions and inquiries, please contact us at writingcenter@huparis.eu.

Terms of Service: Horizons University Writing Center is a service available for students to edit, improve, and check text and references for all university coursework. Regarding Master and Doctorate dissertations, our editing services and APA reference corrections are available to students during the beginning of their writing process. All edits and corrections made by the staff of the center are subjective, and their use in final work is at the student’s own discretion. The Writing Center does not accept responsibility for differences of opinion or negative feedback given by course facilitators regarding work submitted through the center. Students should see our pricing page for the official Quotation request form. Once this has been filled out and submitted to the writing center, the center will send the student an agreement to terms of service along with the quoted cost of services.
  • If you are looking for a general edit of your paper, thesis, or dissertation including: grammar, spelling, punctuation, vocabulary, syntax, and clarity we charge .02€ per word.

  • If you are looking for an edit using APA format for your table of contents, citation, and tables, the price is 3€ a page (you may choose and send the entire document, or specify which areas you require assistance).

  • If you are looking for a combination of both editing features (a general edit as well as APA formatting) the cost will be a combination of the two prices that benefit both parties.

    • ex. You may be charged per word for the document, except on pages that contain only tables. A base charge is then set on those pages.

  • Any papers over 50 pages will come with a standard price calculated by the Chief Editor of the Writing Center.

  • Any papers that need to be completed in a specific amount of time will come with an added express fee.

Please keep in mind, no edits will be made until a final price is established, and a confirmation is received by the student needing assistance.


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